Meet Our Team

Say hello to the leadership team at Union Church.

Meet our leadership

Got questions for our leadership team at Union Church? Contact them through their email attached in their bio.

Todd Garner - Lead Pastor

"I am so privileged to be the lead pastor of Union Church. It is an honor to lead and be apart of this wonderful community."

Shana Garner - Systems Coordinator

"I love being a part of small groups at Union Church. It is wonderful to do life with people that are working together to strengthen families, improve finances, and helping others find freedom in Christ. I love meeting new people and helping people connect with others and find new friendships."

Dillon and Kaycee Helms - Union Students Pastors

"It is an honor being a part of the team at Union Church and it is a privilege to lead our Student Family. We enjoy being able to work alongside the student team and spread healing, hope, and help wherever we go. We are thankful for the opportunities to reach students and their families in the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ." 

Margaret Reed - Prayer Pastor

"I love being apart of Union Church. I love ministering to those in need of healing, hope, and help. Prayer is powerful and I believe God is doing great works at Union"

Grayson Garner - Communications & Young Adult Pastor

"Union Church is home and I love being a part of our young adults' lives. It is an honor to serve with men and women who love to serve and see healing, hope, and help throughout their communities."

Rebekah Garner - Worship & Young Adult Pastor

"I love being a part of Union worship, college, and counseling. It is not something I have to do, but it is something that I joyfully get to do everyday, watching people give their lives to God and experiencing freedom."